About us

Epona Co Bean Bags

Epona Co. specialises in high quality, contemporary bean bag furniture that compliments the decor of your home. Our range of beanbags is the perfect addition for your modern interiors as it includes stylish designs with plenty of colour and fabric options. Within our selection, you will find a wide range of furniture styles including:

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  • Designer bean bags
  • Indoor bean bags
  • Bean bags for kids
  • Outdoor bean bags
  • Quality pet beds

The bean bag is one of the 20th century’s most iconic furniture pieces as it represents flexibility and comfort in the one simple package. Epona Co. has taken bean bag chairs a step further by adding clever design features and superior materials. We have also created a range of contemporary, innovative designs which set new standards for today’s indoor and outdoor living solutions.

If you are looking for some cosy, relaxing furniture, we have the ideal accessories for your home. You can buy bean bags online through our site with confidence that we ship all over Australia too. This means we will send our products straight to your door whether you want a single pet bed or some large bean bags for your lounge.