Epona Co.'s Commitment to Safety

August 30, 2018

Here at Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags, we value the safety of our customers more than anything else. We have made it our mission to ensure our products meet all standards of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and meet the quality standards of our customers.


Epona Co.'s promise to provide Safety and Quality above the national standard does not come without great attention to detail. Our attentions are particularly drawn to safety labels on inner and outer liners, as well as the functions of our safety zippers.



Safety Zippers:


You will find that all products by Epona Co. feature safety zippers: Two safety zippers on inner liners (if applicable), a single safety zipper on the outer liner of dual-liner products, and two safety zippers on single-liner products.


All of our safety zippers function in accordance with a child-resistant safety system, which requires the use of a paperclip to disengage the child-resistant lock within the zipper. A paperclip serves as an appropriate tag for the zipper as it is easily removable from the zipper. Any zippers with non-removable tags are unsafe according to ACCC regulations, as they allow easy-access for young children to the polystyrene bean filling, which are considered a potential choking hazard.

In order to meet all safety requirements, Epona Co. cannot provide a paperclip with each product, as it is hazardous to young children and infants. Any company providing the tag required to use child-resistant zippers is putting all children and infants at risk of choking.


Warning Labels:


The safety of all customers and children is held paramount at Epona Co., and therefore we hold all safety regulations at the highest priority when manufacturing and distributing our products.

Warning labels can be found on all of Epona Co.'s inner liners and bean bag covers. Our Indoor, Outdoor and H2O Bean Bags all feature the appropriate labels including WARNING in bright red, to ensure that the intention of each message is made clear.



If you ever want to know more about the ACCC Standards and Regulations surrounding our products, please visit the link below:



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