After years of making outdoor beanbags we wanted a better design that can really stand up to a wet environment. Our previous designs used a removable mesh inner bag to house the beans - the benefit of using an inner bag is the beans compress well together allowing better shape retention and a quiter beanbag experience. It is also good to have a inner bag that can be taken out for easy outer cover cleaning.

If water got into the beanbag through the zipper or stitching then the inner bag ideally would be removed to allow draining - effective but not ideal. If a water logged inner bag sat inside the outer cover the water had no means to escape. This lead to a rethink of how we approached our outdoor designs.

Rather than trying to keep water out we now embrace it. By trialling different farbrics and waterproofing we changed our inner bag to a waterproofed thin polyester fabric. Should the beanbag be left in driving rain and water gets through any seams - the bean filling now remains protected. To allow the water to drain we changed the entire base of our bags to Textilene which is ideal for outdoor use being a heavy duty and permeable PVC coated polymer plastic. The result? A self draining beanbag.

Feel easy about leaving your beanbag in the rain with our new Flowtex Self Draining System - we are very happy with the results and hope you are too. Available only at Epona co :)