June 11, 2018

It's All in a Name


As a little girl I had big dreams to be a dancer. I danced and danced and danced but was never quite good enough. I wasn’t polished enough, maybe not serious enough and I had no memory for it. I had to dance at the back of the troop so I could watch the dance take place in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, a great dancer I was, but more of a disco queen or trance party raver, fire walking all night groover.

You see, I grew up in Byron Bay as a little hippie girl filled with whimsical dreams. Even though I was a lonely, single parents only child, I had wonderful dreams and some how for the most part they are still coming true. One of these dreams was to have a horse. Quite amazingly at 12 years old a very dear family friend surprised me with a beautiful pure white horse ‘Sundowner’ or ‘Sunny’ to me.

It's All in a Name

He was incredibly wild and a little psycho but in a way the gentlest creature I had ever met. Even though I couldn’t ride, I chose to learn to ride bareback of course. It was lucky I had natural balance from all the dancing; as all we did was go go, go. I’m not sure who felt more free, Sunny or me. We were one; the groove of his back had a little arch carved out just for my little bottom. One day a cowboy said to me ‘If any horse is capable of love, that horse loves you’.

It's All in a Name

Galloping down the beach after school on my beautiful white horse is one of the most spectacular and beautiful memories’ of my life. I think Sunny’s spirit has stayed with me and in those moments I felt ethereal, so what better name for a company created from my heart and soul than Epona Co… a Gaelic term for Goddess of the horse.


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