Summer 2019...Get Ready!

October 05, 2018

Summer 2019...Get Ready!

Something big is coming for Summer 2019! As Summer quickly approaches, Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags is getting ready to release its newest line of novelty floating pool bean bags for the whole family. We have been carefully creating a range of beautiful and fun designs that are sure to create an exciting atmosphere for kids and adults alike. This stunning octopus bean bag is perfect for kids to play on and have fun with, and is easy to spot with it's vibrant orange hue. As Christmas flies around the corner, the rush to find the perfect pool accessories is well and truly under way. Don't spend time worrying about beating the masses, simply keep an eye out for our pre-order notice for our gorgeous Summer range for 2019. We will be releasing 5 brand new floating pool bean bags that can be used in the pool and in the back yard, as well as in the lounge room, play area and bedroom as toys to play with. Not only are these products able to be used as outdoor and indoor bean bags, they are perfect as toys and seats for children when playing with friends or watching a movie. We can't wait to show you these funky floating animal bean bags!

Filling Requirement For Bean Bag Covers

PLEASE NOTE: Microbeans are not recommended for use in the Moby or Nemo Products  due to weight increase when bean filling is wet.  This additional weight causes stress to the fabric and will void the product warranty.  We recommend using standard Bean Filling from Big W, K-Mart, or Target for these products. Please Note:  you will need 1000 gms per 100L to match the requirement. 



Product Name
Bean Filling Required
Epona Co. 200L Micro Bean Filling 
No. of Bags Required
All Pool Toys
1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
Nemo 120 L Microbeans Not Recommended
Pod Ottoman  100-150 L 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans


Pet Lounger - Med

Pet Lounger - Lg

150-175 L

200-250 L

1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
Kids Mini Lounger 75L 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
The Zen Chair
The Lennox
The SunLounger
Moby - Premium & Resort
Microbeans NotRecommended for Pool Products
The Urban
Jaffa Chair
The Weekender
400 L
(2 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Standard Lounger
The Premim Lounger
The Resort Lounger
600 L
600 L 
(3 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Byron Daybed
500 L 
500 L 
(3 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Islander 1000 L
1000 L 
(5 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)