Octopus Pool Toy

Bean Filling Requirement Chart

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The Kids Love our new range of Floating Pool Toys!

In Five Gorgeous Colours and 3 different Characters...grab one for your favourite little one to enjoy!

Requires 60L of Bean Filling


High Quality Soft-Feel Mesh Fabric; Filling Tube; Double Stitching


Inky and Ollie the octopus

With Summer well and truly here, it's time to bring your pool to life!

Epona Co.'s New Animal Pool Range of Floating Bean Bags is perfect to keep the kids entertained all Summer long. We have 5 new additions to our floating pool range, including Ollie and Inky the Octopus, Rocky and Ringo Star Fish, and Myrtle the Turtle. Ollie and Inky the Octopus floating pool bean bag toys are the largest of the five, and are a beautifully vibrant way of livening up your pool area. Available in bright Orange and Purple, you surely can't miss them.

Ollie the Orange Octopus is a striking feature of our new Summer floating pool bean bag range. Your kids will love to play with him for hours and he is sure to become a part of all their favourite games. Inky the Purple Octopus comes from the deep dark ocean and compliments Ollie's bright orange tone perfectly.

If you want to be able to have fun with the kids, but don't want to draw too much attention to the pool toys, Inky Octopus is perfect for you.

Our happy little Octopus pals are available in orange and purple, meaning they are perfect for girls and boys! You won't have to have any worries about girls and boys colours, as we've made sure they're for everyone.

With plenty of tentacles to hold onto, Inky and Ollie are ready for hours of fun and playtime with everyone young and old. You're never too old for playtime in the pool, and these fantastic animal pool toy floating bean bags will prove it.

These octopus pool toys are soft and squishy in all the right places, meaning that a bit of extra weight in the pool wont cause any damage. They are made to withstand heavy-duty play from the roughest of kids, and stay smiling all the way through.

With safety zips to ensure child-safety, you don't need to worry about little hands making a big mess. These zippers need a paper clip to unlock them for emptying and refilling, so the your little people are safe from bean explosions!

Perfect for Christmas pressies like no other, be sure to get in quick for our brand new Animal Pool Toy Floating Bean Bags…Because Life's BetterIn a Bean Bag.

about our products
Filling Requirement For Bean Bag Covers

PLEASE NOTE: Microbeans are not recommended for use in the Moby or Nemo Products  due to weight increase when bean filling is wet.  This additional weight causes stress to the fabric and will void the product warranty.  We recommend using standard Bean Filling from Big W, K-Mart, or Target for these products. Please Note:  you will need 1000 gms per 100L to match the requirement. 



Product Name
Bean Filling Required
Epona Co. 200L Micro Bean Filling 
No. of Bags Required
All Pool Toys
1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
Nemo 120 L Microbeans Not Recommended
Pod Ottoman  100-150 L 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans


Pet Lounger - Med

Pet Lounger - Lg

150-175 L

200-250 L

1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
Kids Mini Lounger 75L 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
The Zen Chair
The Lennox
The SunLounger
Moby - Premium & Resort
Microbeans NotRecommended for Pool Products
The Urban
Jaffa Chair
The Weekender
400 L
(2 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Standard Lounger
The Premim Lounger
The Resort Lounger
600 L
600 L 
(3 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Byron Daybed
500 L 
500 L 
(3 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Islander 1000 L
1000 L 
(5 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)