The Islander | Outdoor Bean Bag

Bean Filling Requirement Chart
Blue/Mocha Stripe

Our Premium Outdoor Bean Bag is like having an Outdoor Queen Bed.  The Islander is our large sized Premium Indulgent Daybed and can accommodate up to 2 adults comfortably.  Beside the pool, your back patio, or outdoor area.  The Islander - Outdoor Bean Bag is double the width of our Byron Daybed.  It is pure luxury!

Requires 1000 Litres Bean Filling


1950 L X 1350 W X 350 (SEAT HT) X 500 (BACK HT)

UV Rated Polyester to prevent fading and tearing

Waterproof inner liner to hold beans for safety and easy cleaning

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About The islander

There is something glorious about relaxing when you are on holiday - you don't have a single care in the world and you are lounging on exotic, luxury furniture that you would never find back home. We are proud to assure you that all of that has changed with The Islander. 

This 2-person daybed is a Queen-Sized bean bag lounge that can bring all of the beauty of a vacation right into your outdoor living area. The Islander features a fold-out neck rest that can be hidden at any point simply by flipping in in and out of the bag. This stunning outdoor piece features our special Flowtex Self-Draining System that allows any water to flow through the bean bag and drain straight out. This allows the product to be used indoors, outdoors and even in the pool! Not only this, but the robust textilene base of the bean bag protects the base from damage and any risks of tearing or being worn down. The Flowtex system also assists in shape retention for The Islander and reduces noise when the bean bag filling in being readjusted.

The design of The Islander is specifically tailored to support your figure, with a streamlined base and headrest that curves with you. This design ensures that strain is taken off your neck, back, hips and legs when you relax. For those who are extra tall, the headrest adds additional length and support to this deluxe daybed, allowing everyone to enjoy the experience. The Islander is made with waterproof fabric that is mould-resistant and UV treated, to ensure that nothing gets inside the fibres and damages your product.

The Islander is a luxury outdoor bean bag available in 2 stunning styles and colours. The Charcoal is elegant, timeless and subtle. For those who enjoy calm and classic design, the Charcoal fabric blends into its surroundings while still making a statement. When purchasing large bean bags, people are often hesitant due to loud or impeding colours that may affect their colour scheme. With the Charcoal you don't have to worry about clashes, as it suits all arrangements beautifully. For those going for a more alternative approach, the Blue/Mocha Stripe bean bag pattern is for you. This contemporary blend of colours is sophisticated and unique, coordinating royal blue and navy with delicious earthy mocha tones. This blend of colours incorporates all of the natural beauty surrounding us and turns it into the centrepiece of your outdoor living space. The rich hues in timber, leather, plants, pottery and brickwork are accentuated by the Mocha stripes, and are balanced out by the vibrant blues picked up in surrounding flowers, fabrics, water and the sky.

These designer outdoor bean bags are perfect for all occasions as they can seat up to 2 adults or 3 children, and are perfect for family and friend events. With a easy-move handle on the side, you can rearrange your Islander and outdoor arrangement with ease, providing endless outdoor layouts and designs. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Summer with your luxury Islander Bean Bag by Epona Co.

About our products
Filling Requirement For Bean Bag Covers

PLEASE NOTE: Microbeans are not recommended for use in the Moby or Nemo Products  due to weight increase when bean filling is wet.  This additional weight causes stress to the fabric and will void the product warranty.  We recommend using standard Bean Filling from Big W, K-Mart, Spotlight or Target for these products. 

Product Name
Epona Co. Micro Bean Filling 
Bags /  Litres Required
All Pool Toys
Nemo - Microbeans Not Recommended
Pod Ottoman
Pet Lounger - Med/Lg
Kids Mini Lounger
1 Bag - 200 L
The Zen Chair
The Lennox
The SunLounger
Moby - Microbeans Not Recommended
The Urban
Jaffa Chair
The Weekender
2 Bags - 400L
The UV Lounger
The Lounger
The Byron Daybed
 3 Bags - 600 L 
Custom Requirement
4 Bags - 800 L 
The Islander
5 Bags - 1000 L