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The Resort Lounger

Create the ultimate outdoor living space with the Resort Lounger. With such a diverse range of colours and two styles to chose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your colour scheme and style in our product range. Indulge in a drink or two by the pool, or watch the kids play outside in comfort with the ultimate outdoor lounger - you will never get tired of kicking back and relaxing in Epona Co.'s Resort Lounger Outdoor Bean Bag.


The Resort Lounger has proven time and time again that you can never get too comfortable. This deluxe 2 adult bean bag chair is the perfect recliner for the loungeroom, playroom, patio, pool area or outdoor living area. The Resort Lounger is especially made from custom milled UV Rated polyester that is tough against sun damage, mould and tearing. Our Resort Lounger is our Number 1 Best-Selling product, and has been since Epona Co. was established.


The Resort Lounger luxury outdoor bean bag colour range is extensive, providing you with more choices than you can count. The Navy and White Stripe Resort Lounger is classic and chic. With stylish navy stripes emanating Hampton-esque vibes, everyday will feel like a holiday. For a more subtle look, the Taupe and White Stripe Resort Lounger bean bag is absolutely perfect. While still maintaining Epona Co.'s signature stripes, the Taupe Stripe Resort Lounger is easy on the eyes and blends perfectly into every environment. With the Taupe presenting soft, earthy tones, you will be able to match with timber, bricks, leather, pottery, concrete and all outdoor furnishings.

For those who like to go a little louder, the Yellow and White Stripe Resort Lounger is perfect. Boasting a proud, vibrant hue, the Yellow Striped outdoor bean bag will effortlessly lighten up your outdoor dining area, pool area or back yard. The beautiful sunny stripes will make everyday feel a little warmer and you won't be able to resist laying back and relaxing in this luxury outdoor bean bag.

If you are wanting something a little more calm, the Green and White Stripe Resort Lounger is just what you need. With a gentle green reminiscent of lush tropical palm fronds and dense rain forests, you will feel fully at peace in this luxury outdoor bean bag. Sit back and indulge in a waterproof designer bean bag that you can trust to last.

Combining the beauty of our Navy Stripe and Taupe Stripe Resort Loungers, and adding it's own special something, we have our all new solid color options. This best-selling bean bag is perfect for your outdoor living space, regardless of your location. By combining the gorgeous blues and navy hues found in the sky, water and nature, as well as the tan tones in timber, stone and leather, the Blue/Mocha outdoor bean bag pattern is a fail-safe option for when you just can't pick one colour.

If tropical is your scene, but you want something a bit more lively, the Orange Resort Lounger is a go-to. Unlike our patterned bean bags, the Orange Resort Lounger is a solid shade of warm sunset orange, with Charcoal Piping to add some extra definition. Perfect for your exotic Summer parties, island-themed getaways and are sure to bring out your glowing Summer tan.

For a minimalist, timeless addition to their outdoor furniture, look no further than the Charcoal Resort Lounger. This sleek, monochrome outdoor bean bag is more that just outdoor furniture...It is a statement piece that is sure to be a conversation starter with guests for seasons to come.


These luxury outdoor loungers are perfect for every occasion, and are made to withstand the elements. With the Self-Draining Flowtex System ensuring your outdoor bean bag stays dry and waterproof, as well as custom milled UV Rated polyester to protect your fabric from Sun damage, you can't go wrong. Simply Zip-and-Tip with our bean filling system and relax...because Life's Better in a Bean Bag.

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