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The Resort Nemo | Floating Bean Bag

Bean Filling Requirement Chart
Peacock with Orange Piping

Chill out in your pool and float in style with the ultimate Floating Bean Bag

Comes in a range of colours or choose your own!

Requires 120 L of beans 

Microbeans are NOT recommended for this product due to weight increase - using microbeans in this product will void your warranty. 


SELF-DRAINING BASE - Robust Textilene 

**bean fillings are not yet included and sold separately**

About the Nemo

Embrace the Summer sun looking and feeling divine in the Nemo. This single-seat floating pool bean bag is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing in the pool with company, or enjoying some alone time. The innovative circular shape allows you to relax on any angle, and the central seam ensures that the bean filing will stay evenly dispersed throughout the bean bag for longer. Unlike the standard pool ring, the Nemo won't let you accidentally slip through the centre, but will support you and keep your hips and back comfortable for as long as you want. The covered centre supports all shapes and sizes and spreads weight more evenly to allow for a more comfortable float. While your friends are sharing space on the UV Moby, allow yourself to indulge in your own space on our single-adult pool bean bag.


The Nemo is available in 2 unique colours - Light Blue with Navy Piping, and Charcoal with Pink Piping. These two shades are perfect for all pool areas, both complimenting each other, and your pool/outdoor living area.

Sometimes the most calming thing you can do is blend into your surroundings. With the Light Blue Nemo, you are seamlessly immersed into the surrounding blue hues of the water and sky. The Light Blue Nemo is a stunning addition to your outdoor pool area and living space, especially for those who wish to keep a natural and earthy theme. By using this cool tone, you aren't drawing attention to anywhere in particular, however you are making a statement with these luxurious floating outdoor bean bags. Not only is this a diverse and versatile colour, the gentle blue a welcoming bean bag to adults and children alike. Instead of labelling this beautiful float as an adult's bean bag or children's bean bag, we are proud to announce that it is 'one size fits all'. While our Light Blue Nemo strays from our trademark bean bag pattern of bold stripes, it certainly does not differ in comfort or style.

The Charcoal Nemo with Hot Pink Piping is a unique, contemporary outdoor floating bean bag that is both bold and elegant. Charcoal is sleek and suits all colour palettes, proving a diverse and timeless addition to your pool area. The dark grey, black and coal tones in our Charcoal Nemo can be matched with natural fibres within stone, timber, ceramics and waterside plants, as well as more contemporary elements such as synthetic materials and concrete fabrications. You will struggle finding something that charcoal won't blend effortlessly with. To contrast with this, the Hot Pink Piping and carry handle adds a vibrant pop of colour that adds an edgy definition that other outdoor floating bean bags lack. By adding that unexpected spritz of colour, Epona Co. aims to help bring some extra life and fun into every swim.


Like many of our other outdoor bean bags and pool bean bags, the Nemo boasts a large carry handle that makes it super easy to transport, and take out of the pool after a swim. The carry handle can be held or slung over your shoulder for easy movement. Our designer bean bags are designed for your convenience and comfort, and with the carry handle perfect for all sizes, you can't go wrong. Placed on the side of the Nemo and made from our custom milled polyester, your handle is sure to stay in place and withstand the elements for as long as your Nemo.


Like the rest of our outdoor floating pool bean bag range, the Nemo can be used outside of the pool as well as in. Simply drain for a few minutes and you have a perfect outdoor seat for picnics and Summer afternoon barbecues, or a cinema seat for birthday parties and sleepovers. With our Self-Draining Flowtex System, the Nemo features a robust textilene base that make it even more hard-wearing and long lasting against wear and tear. No need to worry about the fabric fading and tearing on tough surfaces, just place where you want, and away you go.

Happy Floating!

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