Epona Co Bean Bags

Many questions you might have about our Bean Bag Furniture are answered in the following.

Please check the answers below before you contact us by email.

  • Does my Bean Bag come filled?
    Logistically and economically it is not feasible to ship your Bean Bag filled. Instead your Bean Bag is conveniently flat packed with filling instructions and care details ready to be filled.
  • What are the Bean bags filled with?
    We recommend you fill your Bean Bag with Polystyrene beans/balls (commonly called beans) - this is the most commonly used filling for Bean Bags.
  • Where do I buy the filling for my Bean Bag?
    The most economical way to buy these is in 100 Litre bags which are available in most major department stores i.e.  Big W, Target, K-Mart. The average price for a 100 litre bag of beans is approx $10-12
  • How do I fill my Bean Bag?
    The easiest method to fill your Bean Bag is to half fill the inner bag first then place inside the outer shell and continue filling. Each Bag has instructions with recommended amount required for filling - this is a guide and you should fill your Bean Bag until you feel the right comfort level for you.
  • What is the benefit of a removable inner bag?
    There a few benefits to the inner bags that we use on our bean bags. Firstly it allows the outer cover to be easily removed and washed. Secondly we have found that is assists in compressing the Polystyrene beans underneath your weight which assists in shape retention as well as making a quieter bean bag (far less rustling as experienced with normal bean bags). It also provides further price of mind from a safety point of view with small children in the unlikely event of a bean bag splitting.
  • How do I open my Bean Bag?
    Child proof zips are incorporated with all our Bean bags on both inner and outer bags - these can be closed by hand but require a paperclip to disengage child lock to open. Details regarding this are included on our packaging.
  • Can I leave my Bean Bag outside?
    This depends on the fabric you have purchased. Some of our bean bags are designed for outdoor use however prolonged exposure to sun will reduce the life and colour of your bean bag. To ensure your Bean Bag ages as well as you do we suggest keeping it in a shaded area when not in use and out of direct sunlight.
  • Will my Bean Bag go mouldy?
    Polyester is an excellent material for mould resistance and normally will inhibit growth. However if your bean bag experiences a lot of wet and damp weather and is not dried properly then mildew may grow on dirt or other substances found on the fabric. Bean bags should be kept clean and free from dirt and build up to help reduce this occurring.
  • Can my Bean Bag go in the pool?
    Simply put, no. Our most waterproof bag is our Lounger and is designed with a water-resistant tape seal on the majority of it's seams which further increases it ability to repeal water. It has been know to go in the pool and it will float - however in the event your Bean Bag ends up in the pool and water penetrates into the inner bag and beans simply remove the inner bag and let it drain, then reinsert into the cover when dry.
  • My Bean Bag has got water into the inner bag, is this a problem?
    No matter how the bags are made water can still penetrate through the zip and seams. If you find your inner bag has got wet for any reason - simply remove the inner bag and drain then dry in the sun. Ensure this and the outer cover is properly dry and reinsert the inner bag into the outer cover. The inner bag being made from breathable mesh allows breathability and draining.
  • My Bean Bag has lost some of it's shape and comfort is this normal?
    Depending on how much use your bean bag gets this may happen at some point. It is caused by the Polystyrene beans slightly compressing and losing their shape - this causes the bean bag to appear under filled and can effect comfort and shape. Simply top up the bean bag with filling to a level that you deem comfortable.