Win a $30 Gift Certificate Promo

Summer is almost here and what could make it more perfect than to have the most comfortable bean bag around. Well, now you can..even for free! Just follow these simple mechanics for you to get a $30 Gift Certificate. You can accumulate as many vouchers as you want to purchase your favorite bean bag!

  • Take a photo or video of your Epona Co bean bags and tag us on Instagram or FB and if we share the image or post, you’ll receive a $30 gift voucher! Simple!
  • What we’re looking for on your posts:

    • Lovely location that can feature our bean bag products. Be it indoor or outdoor locations.
    • Relaxing and cozy environment with you enjoying our products. 
    • Lifestyle shots that can blew us away!
  • Winners will be announced weekly and will be contacted through Facebook or Instagram to receive their $30 Gift Certificate.