The Moby |Floating Bean Bag

Bean Filling Requirement Chart

Chill out in your pool and float in style with the our gorgeous Standard Moby Bean Bag

3 Amazing Colours

Requires 350 L of Bean Filling

MOBY 180 L X 140 W 

High Quality Spun Polyester - Colour Fade Resistant

Added Safety of Removable Inner Liner Makes Washing Outer Cover a Breeze 

SELF-DRAINING BASE - Robust Textilene

Yellow Stripe
Taupe Stripe
Green Stripe

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The Premium UV Moby

Take a moment to relax in the Premium UV Moby. This deluxe floating pool bean bag is perfect for Sunday afternoons by the pool with friends and family - plates of watermelon aplenty, Summer tans glowing and salty hair filled with sun-kissed highlights. Sometimes all you need is to float effortlessly with your feet splashing in the water below you. The Premium UV Moby is a designer pool bean bag for kids and adults alike. Seating 2 adults comfortably, or providing the ultimate relaxation experience for those who like to float solo, the UV Moby is perfect for all configurations.

This floating pool bean bag takes a modern rectangular form to accommodate for all shapes and sizes, as is available in 3 beautiful styles: Taupe and White Stripe, Navy and White Stripe and Yellow and White Stripe.


Keeping to a classic neutral palette, Taupe and White Stripe is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to draw too much attention to any one spot. The Taupe radiates soft, blending tones that help tie your outdoor living area together while the composite white stripes add a fresh dash of brightness that is sure to lighten up your pool area. You wont be able to help feeling like you are enjoying your own personal relaxation retreat.

The Navy and White Stripe Premium UV Moby is a floating bean bag longer that brings the ocean to you. Dazzling onlookers with Epona Co.'s signature Navy Stripes, the Hamptons-style pattern is a crowd favourite, and will be for years to come. This pool bean bag not only features a classic pattern, but boasts confidence in its colouring. The bold stripes are sure to be a conversation-starter with guests, demanding appreciation from all audiences. The Premium UV Moby is a modern, comfy bean bag that allows you to have fun and splash around all day and night. Under light, the ripples of the water combining with the deep blue in the Navy Stripe creates a stunning collaboration of blues that will add to the calm ambience surrounding your pool area during summer-time barbecues and New Years Eve parties.

Bring some sunshine into your life with the Yellow and White Stripe Premium UV Lounger. This vibrant floating bean bag will make your day a little brighter, no matter the weather. By combining the fresh white stripes with a sunny golden yellow, Epona Co. Has ensured that that Summer will never feel far away. Floating on these sunny stunners is sure to make you radiate calm and happy vibes long after you've left the pool, and your tan will never look better! By creating a contrast to the subtle blues of the water beneath, the Yellow and White Stripe UV Moby opens your pool area to a whole new world of decorating possibilities and opportunities for colour. By maintaining a warm tone, the yellow stripes allow you to go down endless furnishing paths without worrying about colours and styles clashing. You'll always be on vacation in the Yellow and White Stripe UV Moby.


Thanks to our Self-Draining Flowtex System, you don't need to worry about your pool bean bags getting waterlogged. With the dual affect of a mesh inner liner and a robust textiliene base, water falls straight through our pool bean bags to ensure quick and easy pool removal, as well as effective drainage. All of our Premium UV Products are made from custom milled UV Rated polyester, so your outdoor bean bags and pool bean bags are protected from sun damage and fading. Due to our custom fabric and Flowtex system, our UV products are made to be mould resistant and sturdy against the elements. By making strong, quality outdoor bean bags of large and small size, Epona Co.'s aim is to provide Australia with beautiful outdoor furniture that will last for years and years.


Not only are our Premium UV Moby's perfect for your pool and pool area, they can be used as outdoor loungers in your backyard and outdoor entertaining area. With the robust textilene base, you can relax in peace knowing that the bases of all outdoor bean bags are made to last against all surfaces, without being damaged from friction or rough ground. Simply take your Premium UV Moby pool bean bag out of the pool, sit to dry for a few minutes, then place on the ground for a comfy seat at any barbecue, party or gathering. Perfect for Adults, kinds, and everyone in between.

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