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Resort Style Bean Bags

If you've recently been to Bali, Fiji or some of the other beautiful resorts, you may have noticed some casually arranged, massive and very comfortable bean bags around some of the gorgeous pools.  How comfy were they?!  Chances are, some of them were Epona Co. Lifestyle Bean Bags!  Epona Co. sell bean bags all around the world, especially to resorts and hotels where people go to relax.  That's what our bean bags are made to do - help you to relax!

Our UV fabrics are designed to not fade in the sun.  The fabric is soft and comfortable, designed for you to relax on in the sun and not feel hot and sweaty.

Bean Bags for your Business

Epona Co. Bean Bags are strong and durable, and are perfect for public/commercial situations such as schools, universities, resorts, hotels, event hire, festivals, offices, meeting or waiting rooms, libraries, sports events, churches and public pools, not to mention parks and other public spaces.  We can assist you with your branding for your company with logos printed on your bean bags so your customers can relax in comfort on bean bags promoting your product! With adequate time for ordering, we can also supply specific colours and design specifically to suit your corporate style!

Filling Requirement For Bean Bag Covers

PLEASE NOTE: Microbeans are not recommended for use in the Moby or Nemo Products  due to weight increase when bean filling is wet.  This additional weight causes stress to the fabric and will void the product warranty.  We recommend using standard Bean Filling from Big W, K-Mart, or Target for these products. Please Note:  you will need 1000 gms per 100L to match the requirement. 



Product Name
Bean Filling Required
Epona Co. 200L Micro Bean Filling 
No. of Bags Required
All Pool Toys
1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
Nemo 120 L Microbeans Not Recommended
Pod Ottoman  100-150 L 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans


Pet Lounger - Med

Pet Lounger - Lg

150-175 L

200-250 L

1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
Kids Mini Lounger 75L 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans
The Zen Chair
The Lennox
The SunLounger
Moby - Premium & Resort
Microbeans NotRecommended for Pool Products
The Urban
Jaffa Chair
The Weekender
400 L
(2 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Standard Lounger
The Premim Lounger
The Resort Lounger
600 L
600 L 
(3 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Byron Daybed
500 L 
500 L 
(3 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)
The Islander 1000 L
1000 L 
(5 x 1 Bag of Epona Co. Microbeans)