We hope you’re enjoying your Bean Bags Australia!


Giant bean bags in Australia!

Australian designed large bean bags are our speciality, built tough to withstand the harsh and varied Australian weather and built plush for your buns so you can take them anywhere your heart desires and still be comfortable.

Create a unique living space – the Australian way

There is plenty of incentive for creating outdoor living spaces that feel like an actual extension of the home. Most Aussies are inspired to create an outdoor space that enables them to fully enjoy most perks of being outside while still offering a kind of inviting and cosy vibe present in most welcoming interiors. This provides a rare opportunity of creating many thoughtful moments both outside and inside.

Tips to create a unique Australian space with Bean Bags

The following are some insightful recommendations of how you can transform a terrace or patio to become an ideal cool, lounge-around area or a cosy outdoor Aussie winter living space:

- It's all about the mix

It is advisable that you come up with a unique mix of furniture in an array of finishes rather than to furnish the outdoor space with just a single set of furniture. This helps to provide a foundation that is characterized by a highly layered look, this should be reminiscent of your interior spaces. The market is filled with many outdoor/indoor fabrics that are resistant to both pollen and harsh weather. This means that furniture textiles will not much affected.

- Incorporate a vintage element or antique

You can also try adding antique pieces in all spaces, the concept is to add something old so that it can contrast with the new. This can simply be an old wooden bowl or an iron plant holder. When such interesting details are pulled outside from the interior, you end up with an outdoor area that feels like a true living space. Aim to have items that are impervious to weather and quite easy to wipe down.

- Create a space you would like to be in

You can add some planters on the porch regardless of whether they are made out of paper, faux or real. The concept is to add greenery as it simulates the act of breathing fresh air. It creates a serene atmosphere that is calm and full of energy.

- Remember to take care of the details

It is also recommended that homeowners bring some common interior touches such as specialty hardware and nail head trim to help echo the attention to detail that is generally present in most interior rooms. You can add living room staples such as a throw blanket and patterned pillow to assist the space feel more comfortable, approachable or cosy. In addition, you can include some specialty details outside through the use of interior-style mill-work, brickwork and moulding finishes. This is derived from an architectural standpoint and functions to add some character to exterior spaces.

The tips outlined above on how to create a unique Australian outdoor living space are not far from exhaustive but they should enable you come up with something creative and nice.


The tips above will enable you have a space outside whereby you can sit, relax as well as enjoy the fresh air. All these will make you feel calmer and happier. You can share this space with close friends and family. The key takeaways are home décor that fits your individual style, weather-resistant furniture and a few softer home accents that make them room inviting.

Life’s Better in a Bean Bag! 

And that’s exactly what our customers are saying.

In addition to creating a perfect space, I’ve seen our Bean Bags being enjoyed at the beach, in home offices, around the pool, camping grounds and even while fishing! With the introduction of our pet bean bags, even our furry friends have been able to enjoy the Bean Bag experience wherever they want.

And while we haven’t been able to get anything more than a woof or a meow for our pet bean bag reviews, the feedback from our human customers has been outstanding.

For every piece of great feedback we get, there’s always that bit of guilt knowing what we’ve started. The fights, the rushing to jump on the Bean Bag first and then the sulking of whoever is unlucky enough to have to sit on the couch instead.

Our only complaint – Why didn’t you tell me I should buy two!?

Yep, life is certainly better in a bean bag.